Autumn Beauty Sunflowers

Last year was my first year growing anything at all. Naturally, I choose a few different sunflower varieties to trial.  I didn’t know what would grow well or what would work well in my bouquets.

Autumn Beauty Sunflowers were one of the sunflowers that I trialed. They were so easy to grow and I direct seeded them all.  I did have to cover them with bird netting until they germinated, otherwise the birds would have eaten them all.    

I had a very successful germination rate despite some hiccups in my irrigation method (That’s a story for another time).  They grew into very tall, branching plants, averaging around 8-10ft that produced multi-colored blooms that varied from plant to plant. My partner is over 6ft tall and as you can see in the photo they tower over him.

I had classic yellows, to orange, to deep red and even multi-colored “fire” blooms.

They do produce a little pollen which was great for pollinators but it was a little more than I like for my bouquets. For that reason I didn’t use them in my bouquets.  I left them for the bees and other pollinators to enjoy.

I didn’t stake them or offer any other support and they did okay throughout the season.  Towards the end of the season we did have a very strong windstorm that blew a few of the plants over. Next year I might add some minimal support.

I gathered so many seeds from these sunflowers to use for next year.  I am glad I did because they are sold out at many online seed retailers. I won’t grow them to sell in my bouquets but I will definitely still grow them in my personal yard and add them in my flower farm for the bees because they were absolutely gorgeous and created a magical environment to be in.

I do have a few limited packets of these seeds in the shop! So check them out if you are interested.

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