Autumn Beauty Sunflowers

Last year was my first year growing anything at all. Naturally, I choose a few different sunflower varieties to trial.  I didn’t know what would grow well or what would work well in my bouquets. Autumn Beauty Sunflowers were one of the sunflowers that I trialed. They were so easy to grow and I direct seeded them all.  I did have to cover them with bird netting until they germinated, otherwise the birds would have eaten them all.     I had a very successful germination rate despite some hiccups in my irrigation method (That’s a story for another time).  …

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Looking into 2023

  Looking into 2023 It’s currently 20 degrees outside and while I do enjoy winter, I am busy planning for the 2023 growing season. I am excited to do things different than my first year and be able to offer better and more services to everyone.

Thank you for 2022

Thank you for your support in 2022 I want thank every single person who bought flowers, visited me at the farmers market or shared my social media posts during my first year as a flower farmer. Having people who support me and who are rooting for me truly means so much to me as I begin this dream of mine. I will write a more in depth post on what I learned and what challenges I faced but for now I just wanted to send you all a great big THANK YOU!  

Things I Have Learned So Far…

      I decided last year around November that I was going to start flower farming. Why? I am not entirely sure. It might have been the fun fact that my partner told me “Cut flowers are one of the most profitable crops you can grow” which surprised me. I never really thought about where all those beautiful flowers you see in arrangements or in grocery store bouquets came from.   It sent me into whirlwind of google searches and really opened my eyes into cut flowers. It may have been the feeling I get whenever I stepped into a …

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