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I decided last year around November that I was going to start flower farming. Why? I am not entirely sure.

It might have been the fun fact that my partner told me “Cut flowers are one of the most profitable crops you can grow” which surprised me. I never really thought about where all those beautiful flowers you see in arrangements or in grocery store bouquets came from.   It sent me into whirlwind of google searches and really opened my eyes into cut flowers.

It may have been the feeling I get whenever I stepped into a greenhouse.  I always imagined myself working in a greenhouse or at nursery one day when I retire from my current day job.

It very well could have been that I am prone to depression, especially seasonal depression and I needed something to plan, work towards and keep me distracted throughout the winter months.

Honestly, it was probably a mix of them all.  So here I am embarking on my first year of flower farming and I wanted to share a few simple things I have learned so



You can research for hours upon hours but when it comes to taking action and doing something, you will have no idea what you are doing.


Not knowing what you are doing will lead to self doubt. Self doubt is such an uncomfortable feeling.  However, its okay.  Realize its part of starting anything new and as long as you keep moving forward you’ll overcome it.


You plan everything out in your head. You think a task will take X amount of time but when its paired with not knowing what you are doing and self doubt then that amount of time is easily doubled or even tripled!


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